This is actually due to dwarves not having any biological sex. Dwarves reproduce asexually and their gender is just a societal construct.

Thats the real reason you see so few female dwarves. They go out into the world and see this heterogeneous society and think they should act like that. Of course, with the patriarchy so rampant in fantasy worlds, when they make this choice of what gender to be, they generally pick male, not realizing the damage they’re doing by reinforcing these gender stereotypes.

You may, at this point, be wondering, just how do dwarves reproduce, then? Well, did you ever watch Dragonball? You know that part when Goku punches a hole in King Piccolo’s chest, and he barfs up an egg? (Content warning: Mild body horror.)

This gives rise to the myth that dwarves are an especially long lived race. In fact, dwarves, like humans, only live 60-80 years. However, when they die, they produce an exact clone of themselves.

Anyway, I’m sorry you read that.

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